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Belly Dance Drum Solos:Concepts for Dancers and Drummers

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Belly Dance Drum Solos: Concepts for Dancers and Drummers

Intermediate / Advanced Level Instructional DVD

Intermediate / Advanced Level

Instructional DVD

An improvised drum solo is the exciting culmination of a traditional Bellydance show. Each high-energy, fast-paced and intricate performance is a conversation between dancer and drummer. This DVD is intended as a tool for both dancers and drummers to better understand the structure, components and practice of this compelling performance art.

This program includes:

Warm-up and performance prep for both dancers and drummers.
Introduction to various rhythms and the typical dance movements, variations and combinations.
Sounds of the drum and how they are interpreted into movement.
Explanation of the structure of a drum solo.
Complete drum solo choreography, broken down into combinations for practice.
Improvised drum solo performances and demonstrations.
Dozens of demonstrations of riffs and movements!

Chakra Dance Flow

Chakra Dance dvdChakra Dance Flow combines dance, freestyle movement and guided meditation to create a unique holistic experience, a personal retreat designed to fortify the mind with hope and confidence, and invigorate the body through focus on alignment and fluid, mesmerizing dance. Using the system of seven Chakras as guidance in energy work, Darshan and Mariyah offer a journey of self-awareness – physical, emotional and spiritual. A series of body awareness and focus exercises blend with dance steps, stretches and yoga postures to reawaken our energy centers, help us release tension and anxiety, and reclaim inner balance and the sense of purpose.

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