Study with Mariyah

Online Class: Undulations & Taqsim

Undulations & Taqsim Explore undulating, flowing movements of the spine, hips, arms and hands. We will bring these techniques together to creates maps for your own expressive and unique improvisation. When: Tuesday 12/12 7-8pm NYC time Online class – 30 day recording access for all... Read More


NYC Workshop: Wings! Techniques, Turns & Dynamic Combos

Wings- Teqhniques, Turns and Dynamic Combos Learn to use this spectacular prop effectively to enhance your dramatic entrance or theatrical piece. We will explore technique for different turns, using your wings to accentuate musical accents,  as well as impactful lines and poses.  The material is this... Read More

Zoom | Directions

Online Class: Solstice Candle Tray

Soltstice Candle Tray In this class we will go over candle tray balancing techniques and theatrical elements, and then dance together to  beautiful song to welcome the Winter Solstice. You can use any round metal tray or another flat object like a book to take this... Read More