Belly Dance Workshops NYC

Below is a listing of Bellydance workshops taught by Mariyah – these serve an idea of what she is fluent in and a possible foundation for new workshops (of course, she is happy to teach other topics not mentioned below, just contact her.)

Past Workshop Topics

Dynamic Drum Solo Elements and Choreography

Experience Mariyah’s signature style with a vocabulary of shimmies,layering movements and intricate hip isolations. This workshop is specially designed to cover must-know Middle Eastern rhythms, showstopping shimmy drills and percussive movements, Learn many dynamic tools of the trade that Mariyah has used in drum solo performances to help a dancer to communicate with the drummer and audience and leave and everlasting impression!

The Art of Drum Solo Improvisation

with Mariyah and Faisal Zedan

An improvised drum solo is the exciting culmination of a traditional bellydance show! This workshop will reveal the elements of dancing an improvised solo with a live drummer. Mariyah and Faisal will cover such topics as:
Components and typical rhythms of a bellydance drum solo and movements and variations that the you can use to illustrate these rhythms with your body.

– Developing a feeling for and approach odd meters that may also be used in belly dance drum solo.
– Relationship and communication between the dancer and drummer during performance.
– The ability to improvise with structure. Develop a sense of pacing, ebb and flow of energy and a balance of grace, fire and subtlety

Contemporary Sword Fusion

The sword dance is traditionally used as part of an oriental dance show to display the dancer’s strength and skill and to convey a feeling of power and drama.

The narrative element of the prop lends itself beautifully to fusion. Mariyah will teach a fusion sword choreography featuring innovative ways of utilizing the sword in your dance. This workshop will invoke elements of the classic and timeless oriental dance performance while harnessing the innate power and grace of the sword itself for a martial feeling and dramatic approach. Technique emphasis will be on ways to use the sword creatively as well as balancing and exercises for fluid and strong floorwork for an effortless and dynamic performance.

Earthy and Ethereal

Technique and combinations for combining rich, gooey and powerful hip and torso work with the airyness of graceful, flowing posture and upper body. This workshop will incorporate breathing and techniques for moving energy through the body for an integrated approach to movement and music.

Expressive Veil

Mariyah teaches her signature style of languid, expressive and romantic veilwork. Go beyond veil tricks and explore techniques and dimensions to really use the veil as an extension of body movement and a way to express different moods.

Bellydance Classics:Floorwork and Balancing

An essential part of a classic belly dance show, floorwork is graceful and sensual and can also be a showcase for the dancer’s strength, flexibility and balancing skill.
In this class we will cover fluid undulations and abdominal isolations and the elements of creating a stunning floorwork routine.
-classic floorwork movements and poses
-ascents and descents
-core and leg strength
-flexibility and working into backbends
-working  with a balancing prop
-costuming and appropriate venues
-modifications of advanced movements

Core Bellydance:Powerful Hips and Fluid Finger Cymbals

Core Bellydance Drills
This class will focus on strong, fluid hipwork, undulations, abdominal isolations and shimmies. In other words, our ‘Core’ technique in bellydance. I will teach my own practice methods for building strength stamina, flexibility and physical expression. Combinations will focus on merging this strong core technique seamlessly with footwork and graceful upper body.

Freedom with Finger Cymbals: Intuitive practice with Zills /strong>
Playing finger cymbals takes practice! Especially for a student whose dancing is already up to a certain level, adding the playing of cymbals can feel frustrating rather than fun. I will teach you my own practice methods using both stationary and dancing cymbal drills to help make practice more enjoyable and build consistency. We will explore playing with a different piece of music each week.