• Mariyah Demo Reel

    Mariyah Video Demo Reel

  • Bellydance Drum Solo

    Bellydance Drum Solo with Mariyah
    Mariyah dances a live improv drum solo with percussionist Faisal Zedan.

  • Mariyah – Veil Dance

    Mariyah -  Veil Dance
    Mariyah dances with musicians Souren Baronian, Haig Manoukian and Lee Baronian at the Cupping Room, NYC.

  • Mariyah – Bellydance

    Mariyah - Bellydance
    Mariyah dances to Nebtidi Mnain El Hikaya with Maurice Chedid and ensemble at Le Souk, NYC.

  • Mariyah @ Drom

    Mariyah @ Drom
    Mariyah performs a bellydance show at Drom NYC for the annual Bellydance Spectacular series. Montage includes sword, veil, drum solo and getting the audience into the act.

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