Bellydance Show Elements and Props

This page is a guide to some of the show elements and props that can be a part of a bellydance show!
Typically a show includes 2-3 of these, plus audience participation.
Some props, such as LED or fire (not pictured) , may require an additional fee.
All videos are clips of live performance from Mariyah’s Instagram. You can see full length performance videos in the Gallery.

Beautiful “Wings of Isis” Make a dramatic entrance for larger venues.

LED Wings
Wings with LED lights!
These are most effective in venues where lights are lowered.

Group Wings Performance with Infinity Bellydance


Veil/Double Veil/fan veils
Can be used for an entrance or at any point in the show.

A popular and crowd pleasing balancing prop!

Candle Tray
A beautiful balancing prop in both the smaller and glamourous two-tier version.

Two-tier Candle Tray

Group Candle Tray Performance with Infinity Bellydance 

Finger Cymbals

Mariyah usually uses finger cymbals throughout the show!

Drum solo/Live drum solo/Group drum solo
A drum solo, recorded or with a live drummmer is the finale of the show!

Audience participation
Besides getting everyone up to dance, the performer can give special attention to a guest of honor!

Fire Cups

A beautiful element which can be performed with or without a prop